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Tiferet, Beauty

Forest Song

Shades of Longing – II

Yesod, Foundation

River Eternal

My Great Grandmother is in the Moon

Tree Becoming Sky

Tree Boough in Moon

Reunite Them

Glorious Forest


The Golden Tree

Malkuth the Feminine

Forest Sanctuary Bouquet – III

Island Forest-Gold Path

The Bluebird’s House

Spirit Tree

Retrieving Home

Red Sky, Eagle Transcending

golden vision

Wind in the Trees


Binah, Understanding

Whistler Vista


Origami and an Envelope


Water Lily Forest Garden

Beckoned by the Light

Snow Meadow

Forest Rhythms

Wonder—The Sun

Peonys I

Forest Garden Pathway


Light in the Forest – II

Copper Autumn

The Earth Remembers

Ancient Forests

Periwinkle Grove

White Light’s Pathway


Pink House on Snob Hill

The Wall, by Lillian Boraks-Nemetz

Beyond the Town

Hornby Woods – II

Wonder—The Stars

Hummingbird Sanctuary

Creating a Clearing

Heaven Meeting Earth

Hamsa Tree Protector

Hornby House Woods

Ecclesia and Synagoga

Wilderness Swamp Garden I

Buttercup Woods

Waterlily Lake Garden I

Moon Birds


Wild Garden of Earthy Delight

Forest Tapestry

Lakeside Vista

Keystone Project – II

Sharing Home

Periwinkle Set – Perriwinkle Woodsong

In Back Woods

First Light in the Forest – 8

Sapling Self

Breaking Free

Light in the Forest – I

Grandmother, Within

For the Children


Joined Forest

Unnamed 2

Hornby I

Sunlight’s Passage

Forest Path

Peonys – II

Holding On

Earth Garden

Life Cycles Series – Unnamed


Unnamed 3

Sabbath Eternal

The Offering

Glorious Forest II

Shades of Longing – I

Cariboo River Island

Wonder—Meadow Flowers

Waterlily Lake Garden II